Looking up Northbourne Rd towards what was 'The Tube Works' once Northbourne Rd again looking towards what was 'The Tube Works' but no longer there. Jervis St lookng towards where the Slag Heap once was & Baker Perkins fields.
Northbourne Rd looking towards the High Rd, Victoria Rd East Collingwood St looking towards what was Baker Perkins Hawthorn Avenue in 2002
Hawthorn Ave 2002 Leslie Avenue just off the High Rd, next along to Quarry Rd Quarry Rd with Canning St first left & the High Rd ahead.
Wellington St with St Johns Ave at far end. I was born in this street on the right (47) St John's Ave with Ambulance Hall on the corner with the High Rd. 2002 St John's Ave looking towards Canning St first left, then the park & cemetery gates