A 4th page of Allan Campbell photos. This one shows his Dad and pals in a local Club.

Allan's photo of the Hebburn & Jarrow Police Special's in 1955

Hebburn & Jarrow Police 'Special's' in about 1970

Reyrolles men including Allan's dad having a drink in a local club, possibly the Newtown Club

Another photo from Allan's collection showing his dad with his Reyrolle's colleagues in a local club.Stan Wears told me that was Joe Gannon.

Half of the Reyrolles 1977 Long Service employees. Such a lot of long service employees shows how they were a good employer.

The other half of the 124 long service Reyrolle's employees in 1977.

A photo from Allan's family collection showing his parent's at a 1956 Reyrolles Staff Dinner.

I love this old photo showing Reyrolles Tennis Club in 1938. That's Allan's Mam Emilie in the front row.

Reyrolles Drillers & Grinders in 1955-56. Anyone recognise these men?

Allan's photo of the Reyrolle's Site Erection team in 1932.

A 1932 photo of Allan's dad & mate who worked for the Site Erection team