Our river Tyne in the 1980's taken from Pelaw Main old Staithes, which was a little along the river down from the 'Bushings'

1980's River Tyne looking down stream

1980's view showing Royal Navy warships being fitted out

1980's Tyne which was a little busier than it is in 2002

Looking over to Wallsend in the 80's

Warship 'HMS Sheffield' being fitted out in the 1980's

Hebburn Marina in the 80's

1980's views of the Tyne

A Mine Sweeper coming around the river bend from Newcastle & heading towards Pelaw Main & on towards the sea.

A very busy 1940's wartime photo showing Swan Hunters across river, with Hawthorn Leslies in foreground

1980's Marina view looking towards Swan Hunters