Looking into 'Frazer's' from the Station Bridge in 2002.

St Aloysius school yard with 'Frazer's' & 'The County' in view. 'Martha's' is the new name for The County.

Argyle St with Hedley Schools on the left & St Cuthberts church just behind.

St Cuthbert's Church taken from Argyle St in 2002. The street in foreground is Ellison St.

This view of St Cuthbert's church was taken from Ellison St looking towards Argyle St in 2002

St Andrews Church on Ellison St with Lyon St running across left to right.

The old 'Caledonian Hotel' still standing on the corner of Lyon St & Tyne St.

Parliament St view in 2002. The old Ballast Hill was at the bottom of this street.

Looking down Prince Consort Rd in 2002. The road to the right is Lyon St.

This is a roundabout on the Lyon St/Prince Consort Rd junction. Left is Prince Consort Rd towards the Station Bridge

Prince Consort Rd with Ellison St left and Argyle St junction at the top of the picture.Right used to be 'Whites'