Looking down Albert St towards St Andrews Church. The pub (Wardles) used to be 'The Albert'. The 'Gem' was on left here.

Albert St where once 'The Gem' cinema stood. The pub remains the same as it always looked, being a listed building.

Top of Prince Consort Rd with the Bank, St Aloysius & 'The County' in view (Now 'Martha's)

Looking left into Argyle St with the priests house & the church in view.

Campbell Park Road in 2002. Hebburn Lakes were to the left.

Albert St and the old 'Albert' Pub now 'Wardles. The 'Gem' stood where that first building is.

Looking over the rear of Hawthorn Leslies land towards the river in 2002

This is the bottom of Ellison St with Hawthorn Leslies wall to the right.

Elmfield Terrace from Campbell Pk Rd. Those houses were Shaft Sinkers houses. There used to be a pit shaft behind Devon Rd near the Bowes Line.

Looking up High Lane Row at the old Chapel in 2002

Another view from the rear of Leslies showing the riverside in 2002