Glen St looking towards Station Rd. The houses on left are original from the mid 1800's

Rear view of Hawthorn Leslies looking sad in 2002

This wall is the old 'C'Pit wall and possibly getting onto 170 yrs old?

Driving down Victoria Rd West passing Reyrolles Sports field in 2002.

Victoria Rd West and I've just past the Cemetery Gates

The Station Bridge looking towards 'down the quay'

Hedley Schools on Argyle St dating from abt 1882. St Cuthbert's parishioners use this as there church hall.

St Cuthbert's Church with the new Vicarage from Argyle St. The old Vicarage was a mile away in the countryside for health reasons.

Mons Ave leading from Jutland Ave to Campbell Pk Rd.

Photo taken from Whickham Rd. Jutland Ave is ahead

Station Rd taken from outside what would have been the Newtown School'. Traffic lights are at the top of the road.

Frazer's over the train lines from Hebburn Station. Metro trains now travel from Shields to Newcastle much more regular than the old Electric trains.