Derby Crescent just off West Parade near the Cemetery wall.

West Parade looking along cemetery wall towards 'The High Rd'

Clennel Ave off West Parade & again close to the Cemetery wall.

Alfred St just off North Farm Rd in 2002

Tennant St from where Reyrolles 'middle gate' was off North Farm Rd. This road once led all the way to Station Rd

Buchanan St from Glen St.This road leads to the High Rd (Victoria Rd West)

St Rollox St leads to 'The High Rd' from Glen St.

West St just off Hedgeley Rd. First left is Barnard Crescent.

This is Barnard Crescent in 2002

Barnard Crescent again

Leaving Barnard Cres with West St junction leading back to Hedgeley Rd.

Gladstone St leading from Northbourn Rd to Jervis St.