1969 Supertanker launch without a hitch.

Crowds on the ballast hill in 1969 watching the launch of the Esso Northumbria.

Esso Northumbria launch in 1969. It was the first of a number of Supertankers.

Ballast Hill view in 1969

Esso Hibernia was the next one after this & was sister ship to the Northumbria.

Perfect launch of a quarter of a million ton Supertanker

This was the night before the launch & taken from the Ferry.

1969 Esso Northumbria launch

This was 'The London Lion' Supertanker in 1972 from Hebburn riverside.

'The Tyne Pride' a 262,000 ton Supertanker & largest ever built on the river in 1976..

This Supertanker at Swan Hunters is either Esso Northumbria in 1969 or London Lion 1972.I'd say it is Esso Northumbria.

The massive Esso Northumbria Supertankers propeller.

Notice the man working on it in 1969?. I took this photo from the ferry.