Lincoln Court straddling where Tennant/Rose St were. Photo taken in 2002 as a request by an ex pat who's Mam lives in there. The bottom of Prince Consort Rd. The houses on the right are built on the old factory land (Reay Gear Works/RW Transmissions) Argyle St with Coquet St left, Clinic Wall on right and Prince Consort Rd at the end.
The very bottom of Prince Consort Rd with the Tyne straight ahead.The road bends left towards the Marina area, once the rubbish tips. Looking down Price St from Church St. At one time this view would have had the old Ballast Hill at the bottom of the street. Quarry rd looking towards Canning St first left or the High Rd and Tweed St at the far junction
St Rollox Street from High Road Station Rd with 'The Lights' ahead and right into Victoria Rd West. The club on corner is the Orangemans Club. Ellison Hall is straight ahead


The Traffic Lights and left into Hall Rd leading to Ellison Hall once Hebburn Infirmary. Right is into Station Rd.


Tweed St looking towards Hedgeley Rd at the bottom and 'The Pyrotenax' factory, which is no longer there.


Victoria Rd West with St Johns Ave left and the 'Ambulance Hall'. The 'Newtown' shops are behind me to my right.