Somerset Rd which is off Cornwall Rd with Surrey Rd at the top, then right towards Devon Rd

Clyde Ave from Hexham Rd junction with Liffey Rd left & Dee Rd right. This was taken on a cold icy Jan 2003 day.

This has been a fish shop for years & years on the corner of Church/Ann St. Note the gap where houses were bombed in WW2.

St Andrews Church & Institute, no longer a church. I think it is used by the Council nowadays as a storage depot.Photographed from Ann St in 2002.

Redhouse Garage where Halls Brothers Coaches were garaged. Photo taken from Byron Ave, shows Victoria Rd East at top.

Victoria Rd West, with West Parade left, North Farm Rd opposite & Reyrolles sports field ahead on right.

Where Hebburn Ferry Landing once was! Now we have no ferries to Wallsend or Walker. Fishermen come here nowadays to fish in the Tyne.

Where is our Ferry Landing? now its a fishermans river & unbelievably one of the UK's best Salmon rivers

Whickham Rd with Jutland Ave ahead & Verdun Ave starting next to the red postbox