Looking up Ellison St at New Year time 2003, with Church St running across the front of old St Andrews church & Institute.

I'm a RC but I love St Andrews church which conjures up 'Old Hebburn' . Taken at New year time 2003 on a cold winters day.

This is Redhouse Rd with what used to be Baker Perkins sportsfield on the right. Oxford Cres is first left & a familiar street from when I was young.

Icy Jan 2003 day going into Hexham Ave from Clyde Avenue. Hexham bends to the right & goes all the way along to Finchale Rd.

Hexham Avenue which goes all the way along to the end of the Estate to Finchale Rd.

An icy freezing cold Medway Ave in Jan 2003. Does this make ex-pats homesick?

Anyone for ice skating in Mersey Rd just off Hexham Avenue? photo taken Jan 2003.

Liffey Rd off Clyde Avenue in winter 2003.

Remember 'Langlands' shop on the corner of Hedgeley & Campbell Park Rd? The old 'wooden bridge' was across the road ? now a newer one is installed.