'Leslie' 1800's. Stan Forster gave this plus others on this page & asked to be anonymous. Stan died in 2004 so now I can tell how he helped me.

Lyon St with the 'Store Hall' in this 1973 photo from Stan Forster who took the photo from St Andrew's Steeple.

Ellison St, with the 'Commercial Pub' on Lyon St corner in 1973. Stan Forster took this & others from St Andrew's Steeple.

A beautiful view of 'Old Hebburn'. This is my favourite old photo. St Andrews St is off to the right. Taken late 40's early 50's by Stan Forster..

St Cuthbert's Church taken pre-war. The railings were removed for the war effort (WW2). Note the black sandstone, now back to natural tone.

Inside St Cuthberts Church, possibly in the 50's

A Stan Forster view from St Andrews Steeple abt 1973 showing Hawthorn Leslies

Another photo from Stan taken from the Steeple. This shows Ann St with St Andrews St running into it next to car park.

Looking into Church St with Ann St going downhill. Note the fish shop on the corner! Thanks to Stan Forster for his foresight.

Ellison St from St Andrews, with St Andrews St left & right. Leslies entrance gates were right. Again thanks to Stan Forster.

Ellison Hall taken from the Park a long time ago.

Another view taken by photographer Stan Forster showing Ellison St, Leslies canteen once stood down there on the left.

Ann St clearly showing houses missing from WW2 bombing & looking over land that once had Hood St down the centre of the grassed area. Stan again

This is a trip to Seaburn from Blindburn St in 1953. My cousin Gordon Telford is front left.

This lovely old photo belonged to my recently deceased Aunt Peggy. She's on this photo aged 7yrs in 1918 with 9 yr old sister Elizabeth.