Ellison Hall from the park a long long time ago, late 1800's early 1900's.

This is a 1929 photo of Hebburn's 'first lake' with part of the Slag Heap, Monkton Village & Home with surrounding trees in the distance.

Carr St was a main shopping street in the 1800's right through to well into the 1900's.This photo is about 1900.

Outside Winnie Gallagher's Papershop looking along Lyon St in 1941.The shop was on the corner of Bewick?Lyon St

Argyle St in early 1950's. First left is Albert St where the 'Gem' was & also 'The Albert' Pub, which is still there today. The 'Gem' is long gone.

Andrew Leslie's Shipyard in the mid 1800's

Mr Leslie was a Scottish islander & he came down to Hebburn to start a Shipyard in the mid 1800's.

1977 View of Hebburn riverside from Walker. When I was young these green hills were the towns rubbish 'Tips', dirty, smoky, rat infested.

1960's Mons Avenue. My grandmother lived in this street so as a child I spent a lot of time here. Clegwell is at the far end over Campbell Pk Rd..

Hebburn railway station 'Porter' from the days when the old electric trains ran from Shields to Newcastle. Ticket's please!

We think this is a Tennant St photo taken from Station Rd near the Whickham Rd junction. Reyrolles is right at the end.

The Royal Yacht 'Britannia' sailing up the Tyne past Leslies in 1977. Tailing her is a Royal Navy warship.

A photograph of the old Band Stand opposite what we called the 'Second Lake'. Note the boathouse & Monkton on the skyline.