This is the bottom road leading to our Riverside Marina. Years ago Tennants field was to the left & the 'Tip's' ahead.

Looking out of Quarry Rd to a shop we called 'Buchanan's' years ago on the corner of Tweed St.

This is St Oswald's Church, just off Black Rd taken in 2003.

Taken from outside of St Oswald's Church looking over Black Rd, into Ralph St in 2003. Those shops were once part of the Co-op Society.

This was taken from outside where the Newtown School once stood, looking up Station Rd. Anyone remember 'Paski's' icecream parlour across the road?

High Lane Row. Simpson's Hostel was on the left here & has now been replaced with modern housing.

High Lane Row again.

Coming upto the 'Light's' with the 'Bentinct' or 'Orangeman's club' on the corner. Straight ahead is Ellison Hall & St John's Church.

This is the bottom of Prince Consort Rd with the Tyne just over the top of those buildings. Years ago, bin wagons trundled back & forth to the 'Tips'

Looking down Tweed St towards Hedgeley Rd, but no 'Pyrotenax' to see now. Whickham Rd is just behind me.

Taken from 'The High Rd' (Victoria Rd West) looking into St Rollox St.This street was split by Tennant St & then ended down at Glen St.

Taken in Victoria Rd East looking towards 'The Lights'. Left is Park Rd, then Hall Rd. Right is into Aln St.