Leslies Lads. 'Langlands' (Howard) became an RAF 'Bomb Aimer' and was killed in 1943 when his Wellington Bomber was shot down returning from Cologne

Norman Robb & Howard Langlands are on this Leslies summer camp photo taken at Scremerston in 1938. Happy days before the war.

Another one of Leslies pre-war cricketers. We know its prewar because 'Langlands' was killed in 1943 when his plane was shot down over Belgium.

Jackie Williams kindly sent this and a few more photos. This is her relatives outside there home in McIntyre St around 1940ish.Recognise the area ?

Another one of Jackie Williams's relatives in McIntyre St with the Quay Board School behind in 1940ish.

A photo taken in Reyrolles in the 1960's. That's Harry Jackson on right who is Jackie Williams's dad & was a 'bench Fitter'. The lady is Joan Leader

A group of Reyrolles 'lads' in the 60's. Harry Jackson is top left,then Bill Evans, Jimmy Scullion,?? Centre front is lad called Sharpe.

Another photo of McIntyre St from Jackie Williams family album. At least these photos give glimpses of 'Old Hebburn' which is now long gone.

This house was 'Tyne View', once owned by Mr Tennant, Chemical Works owner. It had tennis courts, phone, indoor toilets, bathroom etc.

Thats me & my mam about 1946 at my Auntie Mary's house in Cuthbert St. Who is that little girl getting in on the photo?

My 'nana' Cecilia McNeill is on the right. The other girl is Mary her twin. They were born in 1902. This was taken at a school play or concert.

Remember Henderson's Taxis? well here's Rob Henderson outside his home in Campbell St next to the wooden bridge, possibly in the 50's.