Hebburn Marina & riverside is in the distance. This is 'Bill Quay' & the old 'Albion Pub'

Looking from Bill Quay to Hebburn.Quite a few coal staiths & communities were situated along this river bank years ago.

Looking out of Aln St over Victoria Rd East into Park Rd. Remember 'McPherson's' shop? now a Vets.

Park Rd with the Park gates at the top of the street.

Aln St from Victoria Rd end looking down towards Whicham Rd then eventually Hedgeley Rd

The 'Traffic Lights' & what was 'Hudsons' papershop on the corner

Station Rd looking towards the Station Bridge. Can you remember 'Craigs Corner' which is on Hedgeley Rd junction?

A better view of 'Craigs Corner' on Hedgeley Rd junction. That shop was owned by the Craig 'decorators' family for years.

Not many people knew this, but St Andrews Institute was also a School in the early years. 'Girls School' can be seen above this door near Ann St end.

Dee Rd a cul-de-sac off 'Clyde Ave' on the 'Finchale Rd Estate'

Clyde Ave with Monkton Village in the distance over Campbell Pk Rd.

Another Clyde Ave photo. Turn right into Wye Rd & you come to Finchale Rd.

Toner Ave school

Wordsworth Crescent which is off Campbell Pk Rd and behind the old 'Clegwell School'