This was taken from the Finchale Rd end of College Rd. A 'cut' halfway down goes to Mill Lane.

This is Bluehouse Rd named after a Farm that once stood about 100 yds from Bill Quay bridge on the same site 'Mill Cres' today.

Titlington Grove, a little street adjacent to Mill Lane & just off Crawley Avenue.

Cloverhill Ave a cul-de-sac of Crawley Ave & a minute from Mill Lane

Johnston Ave with Toner Avenue school.

Crawley Ave with 'The White Hut' on the right in Crawley Sq. The Steeple in the distance is the Cemetery Church

Branton Ave another cul-de-sac off Crawley Ave

Hartleburn Ave with 'The High Rd' at the very top before you get to the 'Reyrolles Test' building.

Lambley Cres which runs parallel with 'The High Rd' looking towards Bluehouse Rd & Mill Lane over the top.

Lambley Cres looking towards Hebburn Hospital which was the old 'Fever Hospital'

Prendwick Ave off Lambley Cres, which also leads to Prendwick Court a cul-de-sac.

Beanley Avenue a cul-de-sac where my old pal Paddy Irving from my St Aloysius schooldays lived.

South Drive was a way of getting 'down the Tyne' or to the allotments at the back of Reyrolles.

South Drive with Victoria Rd West at the 'T' junction. The road immediately right goes to a new housing estate called 'Parkside'