A blurry photo sent by Joyce Price of her sister Dorothy Cummings leaving for school in Hexham Ave 1966. ?

Keith Watson sent this taken in back Thistle St 1952. His two little sisters tragically are no longer with us.

A snippet of 1950's Arthur St with June, Brenda (Who sent this photo) & Ken Thompson and friends Rob Porter, Mal Newman & Doris Wappat.

Brenda Thompson in bather with bro & sis Jim & June, Don Scott, Joyce Butler, Margaret & Thomas Salmon, Keith Lothian, in Arthurs St back lane 1950'

Hebburn street photos are rare, so here is an alternative one of Arthur St backlane with a young 'Coalman's daughter' Brenda Thompson in the 1950's.

'Quality Row' where my dads old pal Walter Wears was born at No 16 in 1921. The road is 'Wagonway Rd'

Monkton Lane which goes through Monkton Village, past the Lord Nelson, when it was just a dirt track leading down into Jarrow.

The same view maybe forty years later but still in the 1940's/50's. Notice the road is now Tarmac & the 'Lord Nelson' re-built & modernised.

This is Hebburn Park main entrance with St Johns Church Spire in view. This at a guess was around 1st Worl War days.

Hebburn Pit, but which one? I think this could be Lyon St with the Pit over the wall that was later to become Leslies Stockyard.Note the 'Gem' poster

'Top Reyrolles' as some people called it, still looking brand new.The sportsfield was over that fence which is still there today.

Len Stephenson sent this 'smasher' showing Ellison St and part of Argyle St, aswell as his sister ready for her marriage in St Cuthberts in 1952.