Blackpool Parade on left & Hastings Parade on right taken from perimeter road. Behind me over the little burn is Jarrow

Hastings Parade taken in May 2003

Hastings-Southport parades on Lukes Lane Estate. For anyone who doesn't know, this estate is east of where Coke Ovens were.

Southport Parade from the perimeter road. This is right on the border between Jarrow & Hebburn. Jarrow is just yards away.

Morecambe Parade again. Lukes Lane estate is difficult to photograph because of the way streets are mixed together & not set out normally.

Morecambe Parade again (requested). See how close Jarrow is? those houses are close to the top of York Ave.

Morecambe Parade by special request. The lady who requested it lived in this block of houses.

Skegness Parade on Lukes Lane in May 2003.

Lukes Lane estates Colwyn and Rhyl Parade in May 2003.

Lukes lanes Penzance Parade in May 2003

Penzance & Southend Parade in May 2003. What a jumble of streets Lukes Lane is. I pity a new postman trying to find addresses.

Douglas Parade. This view is looking east.

Eastbourne-Douglas parade in May 2003

Lukes Lane Community Centre.If the Coke Ovens were still standing, they'd be behind about half a mile in the distance

Another Beresford Ave photo with Johnson Ave at the top. Toner Ave is first right.

Beresford Ave again because of a request from an ex-pat. The 4th Lake was on this land long before these houses were built.