This photo is of Bygate St Nursery celebrating the Coronation in 1953. Marion Coyne kindly allowed me to copy this photo.

These are 'Clegwell Girls' in 1945 possibly delighted WW2 is over. This photo was kindly sent to me by ex-pat Anne Shaw (nee Burns)

This lovely old photo is taken from the original Mr Munro kindly loaned me. It is of Tharsis Copper Workers, and probably taken in the early 1900's.

Anne Shaw sent this photo of the Coronation Party in Buchanan St 1953. Buchanan St stretched from Glen St to 'The High Rd' Any relatives on it?

Another photo from Anne Shaw. These girls are taking part in 'Youth takes a stand' 1945 probably celebrating the end of WW2.

This is Monkton Village. The little Church is still there, but is now a house. The railway crossing is long gone.

These are the staff & children of Bygate St Nursery probably in the Coronation year 1953. Thanks to Marion Coyne again for photo.

Marion Coyne kindly sent me this Bygate St Nursery photo celebrating the Coronation in 1953

Reyrolles Xmas Party 1945 which would have been extra special because of the war ending that year. Another Ann Shaw photo

Anne Shaw kindly sent me this lovely photo of Tennant St 1948-50. These are valuable snapshots of the past. Many thanks to Anne for sharing her photos

1960 ish photo outside St Cuthbert's showing Swindon St across Argyle St. The bride is Sheila Colqhoun & Marion Coyne sent me the photo.

Bridesmaids at St Cuthbert's abt 1960 taken from Ellison St & showing Argyle St. across the road is Holystone St. Thanks to Marion Coyne again