Jarrow Ferry Landing with Palmer's Cranes up river around WW1 time. Thanks to Eric Flack for even more old photos.

WW1 Battleship on the Tyne. Note the Sails of the ships in background. Thanks to Eric Flack for the photo

Buses in West Clayton St Newcastle in 1952 . Another donation from Eric Flack.

1951 Newgate St, Newcastle. Eric Flack donation AGAIN

WW1 Battleship built at Vickers steaming past the 'Swing Bridge' with the 'High Level' behind. I think this was for Japanese Navy. Eric Flack photo

An old photo ofNewcastle Quay Side with Sailing Boats tied up. Thanks to the generous Eric Flack again.

This is the Gateshead end of the 'High Level Bridge' in 1951. Another generous Eric Flack donation.

The 'Eppleton Hall' paddle steamer photo is another donated by Eric Flack who loves sharing his photos with us all.

Eric Flack photo showing the 'coaly Tyne' . Steamer is the SS 'Phebe' leaving Howdon opp Jarrow Palmers. Owned by General Ferry Co.

A 'Dreadnought' class battleship 'HMS Superb' built by Vickers steaming past the swingbridge in 1907

This Eric Flack photo is only 30 yrs old & shows part of the Quayside at Newcastle.

Eric Flack donated this Northumberland St photo showing theTrams & Trolley Buses in 1938 just before WW2.

1950's Northumberland St which was the main A1. Anyone going North had to use this road in those days. Eric Flack again.

1958 Northumberland St with the Haymarket ahead. Eric Flack donated this one aswell.