Dorothy Chapman nee Winch sent me quite a few photos. This one is of her & her sister with lifelong friends in Hebburn Park 1952

Dorothy & Marie Winch with friends they still keep in contact with after 51 yrs. Photo taken in 1952.

Dorothy Winch's family in either 'Roy's' Bar or the Iona in 1953. What was that 'Cup' for?

Another family photo from Dorothy Chapman taken in Tennant St back lane about 1954. All the backlanes had washing hanging across them on Mondays.

Dorothy Chapman nee Winch on the right beside the window of the 'Albert' pub in 1953.

Dorothy sent me this 1953 photo taken in the 'Albert' . Thats her sister Marie 2nd from right, then Dorothy partially hidden.

1957 photo of Hebburn Dene with the Winch family showing uncle Johnny from the USA around. He once worked in the Butcher's in Tennant St.

Dorothy Chapman sent this photo & thinks it was in Tennant St but is not sure. Does anyone recognise the shop?

Marion Coyne sent this 1959 photo of her friend's St Aloysius wedding showing part of Coquet St .

Mel Luke sent this 1955 photo taken in Cambridge Ave with a shadowy Slag Heap barely visible in the window reflection.

Mel Luke, right back row in 1959 at Clegwell School Camp in Keswick. Anyone recognise the other Hebburn lads?

The new Dorothy Chapman in 1965 outside 'The County' with Lloyds bank across Prince Consort Rd & 'Martin's' or 'Barclays' over the Argyle St junction.

York Ave Jarrow in 1927 before the houses were built.. The 'Slag Heap' can be seen to the left, also Dene Tce leading round to Monkton's Wood Tce.