My dad Billy Dunn & sisters Betty & Peggy at there mother Elizabeth's grave in 1957. The big house is beside the Park gates & still there today.

Cuthbert St backlane in 1961 with my two cousin's middle & right Billy & Bobby Nicholson with pal.

A lovely view of Ann St in 1960. The houses on the right are long gone unfortunately.

Eric Flack in 1946. These huts at the Ballast Hill were used from the 1880's as Methodist Mission Huts where services took place.

Dorothy Chapman sent this of her mam beside Hebburn's second lake about 1938-40. See the old Boathouse belonging to the Carr Ellison family?

Eric Flack kindly sent me this photo of Frazers stockyard taken from 'The Station' about 1960.

Little Dorothy Winch with big sister Marie in Hebburn Park 1949. Notice the Lake in the distance? Thanks again to Dorothy Chapman who sent this to me.

Another 'smasher' from Eric Flack. A nice view of part of the Ballast Hill in 1925. The hill is long gone

Dorothy Winch in the centre laughing during Baker Perkins 1958 Sack Race.Hazel Stephenson her friend is winning by the look of it.

Eric Flack cutting from a newspaper of Station Rd looking towards the Bridge in the early 50's. Priceless eh?

Hebburn Station with passengers awaiting train to Newcastle in the 50's. Another cutting from Eric Flack.

Thistle St backyard photo showing Dorothy Chapmans mother Belle McGowan aged 12 in 1932 . Dorothy has kindly sent quite a few photos for my website.

Eric Flack photo of a Hebburn Nursery in the 40's. Recognise anyone?

The 'Wooden Bridge' from a cutting sent by Eric Flack. Thanks to Eric once more for his kindness because old Hebburn photos are now very rare.