Stan Newman sent me this lovely photo of him on the left with his younger brother who was returning from his first leave in July 1946.

Harry Rickard gave me this photo for my website. It was taken in 1950-51 at Rod Hopper's birthday party. Malcolm Rickard is on it & he lives in NZ now

As I was short of photos, here is one of me as a baby outside St Andrews 1945. We'd been to Aunt Ivy's wedding but I can't remember going (joke)

Ann Burns nee Phillips sent me this one of her dad Jack Burns & her uncle Sam at school in Jarrow. Doesn't remember which school though.

Marion Coyne nee Symes sent me this 'tatty one' of St Aloysius Boys Brigade in the early 1900's. I've improved it a little thankfully..

Dorothy Chapman nee Winch sent me this of her dad Dennis at the top of the ramp leading to the Ferry Landing in 1957.

The Burns family from Hebburn's Buchanan St in about 1925-26. See how you sat at the beach in those days? Anne Phillips sent me this one.

St Aloysius 'handball' team outside the pre-fabs in 1951. The pre-fabs were across Prince Consort Rd from the church, behind the old Bank.

Another one from Marion Coyne showing Harrison's Shipyard in what looks like the 70's. Sailing vessels were built there over a hundred years ago.

Two of the Burns girls who lived in Buchanan St in the 1920's strolling along Park Avenue in Whitley Bay.

Minnie Robson's shop on the corner of Cuthbert/Albert St near the 'Gem'. It was a bookshop in the late 40's early 50's. Thanks to Marion Coyne again.

D Cummins, M Rickard,B Dean,D Lees,A Baines,J Tweedie,S Alderson,S Nelson,C Fearon,S Gardner,C Archer, O Millen, C Pateson, M Mulgrew, J Atkinson

Anne Burns nee Phillips on her bike with friend Joan Tannahill in Glen St backlane 1955. Thanks to Anne again for photo.

Stan Newman sent me these of his dad's pride & joy an old Morris 'E' in 1950 . They lived in Quarry Rd then.

Dorothy Chapman nee Winch sent this of the back of 'The Store Hall' in 1962. That house is in William St.