St Aloysius 'Women League' ladies. left to right Celie then Esther McNeill then my old School pal John Mills's mother.

Another one of St Aloysius ladies.Two are related to me, Celie Tighe nee McNeill & Kathleen Power nee Rooney. i also recognise a Russell in the front,

Reyrolles workers collected presents at Christmas time for needy children. The presents around the tree were for that purpose. This is 'P' Dept.

Another one of Reyrolles workers generously providing presents at Xmas time for needy children.

Another factory photograph supplied to me by by one of my many relatives.

Gerard Dent down the bottom of Prince Consort Rd in the 1940's. His Gran lived at an old house called Tyne View.

Tom Powers who was brought up at 'Tyne View' an old house once owned by Mr Tennant the Chemical Factory owner. It overlooked the riverside road.

'Tyne View' garden showing a part of Mr Tennant's old Tennis Court. See how close to the river the house was. That's Wallsend in background.

Jane McNeill now in her eighties relaxing 'Tyne View' garden. The property was big & divided into three homes. A Piano teacher lived next door.

This was taken in 'Tyne View' garden & it shows much better where it was situated. It stood on the bank at the bottom of Prince Consort Rd.

Tom Powers was a Prisoner of War in Stalag ??. In later years he was a well known athlete & organiser in Hebburn.

This shows Celie McNeill relaxing on Tennants Field with the old Telephone Exchange at the bottom of Prince Consort Rd in back ground.