The chap on the left, Garrity Beckett lived at 6 Quality Row, close to the Tyne on the 'Low Rd' (Wagonway Rd). Any relatives recognise the name?

Marion Coyne sent this photograph of St Aloysius Teachers, 1912. In my day, Miss Kelly (later McDonald) was an old lady & Mr White was headmaster.

Jim Wilson from Washington brought me this original postcard to copy. It covers a wider angle, hence more photo, than some copies I've seen.

Bill Woodwards 'Great Grandfather' James Hardy,born in 1878 & photographed as a Boer War 'Hussar' in 1899.

Bill Woodwards Great Gran Ellen Hardy dressed as a 'Fortune Teller' in the 1920's. In those days people entertained themselves with carnivals etc.

Ellen and James Hardy, the 'Fortune Teller & the Hussar' in 1956. 'Jim' was known as 'Fire Hardy' (he had been a 'Shot-firer' at the Pit)

Rear of Leslies Canteen on Ellison St, with the river water flooding the area.Thanks to Tom Green for sending this one from John Scanlons collection.

The two McNeill girls are relatives of mine and the photo is of them with there Reyrolle colleagues around WW2 time

My relative Gerard Dent at 'Tyne View' 1940's with the Ballast Hill in distance across Prince Consort Rd. The near hills are part of Tennants Field.

Celie McNeill & Jim Tighe at Tyne View 1940's. Is that a Ballast Hill at Walker in back ground?

Jane McNeill at 'Tyne View' with Wallsend shipyards in background. another 1940's photo

Dennis Forster via Bob Burns photo of 'B&W Minstrels' at a Carnival at the Football ground before Geo Angus/Reay Gear Works factory was built on it.