A 1960's view over Hebburns green belt at the riverside.

Marion Coyne (nee Syme) loaned me this one of Hebburn Operatic Society members in 1971 outside Hebburn Tech.

Another Marion Coyne photo of the Operatic Society enjoying themselves in the 70's

Shirley Gardiner loaned this one of Hebburn lads who worked at Wardley Brickyard. Pat Bolton was in my class at St Aloysius.

Some kind of ceremony in Pr Consort Rd. W Langlands & wife Kitty cutting ribbon. Mrs S Rooney between. Mr Langlands ran a shop near wooden bridge.

The riverside around the 1960's possibly.

This was in the Shields Gazette recently & it shows 'Leslies' Ferry the 'Fairy Queen'. BUT where was it taken& what buildings are these in back ground

Shirley Gardiner kindly loaned this photo of her Gran outside her shop on William St/Tyne St corner in the 1920s

Hebburn Operatic members in 1970 include Enid Stafford,Sheila Hudson,Carrie Robson, Maria Hibbert,

Hebburn Operatic girls about 1968/9. Yvonne & Maria's dad was Jimmy Hibbert the 'Park Supervisor' & they lived in the big house at the Park entrance.

Another Marion Coyne photo. All Operatic photos on this page were generously loaned by Marion.

More of the Operatic girls in the 1970's.

Tom Green kindly sent this original photo which is also in Paul Perry's book. Wagonway Rd (The low Rd) with Quality Row pit houses

Shirley Gardiner donated this photo of her dad & workmates. Does anyone know anything about it eg names, location, date?