Esther Dent nee McNeill in 'Tyne View' garden overlooking the riverside road with her children abt 1950 ish. Tyne View was Mr Tennants old house.

A lovely old photo taken at 'Tyne View' in the 1950's of my relatives Monica & Gerard Dent. That will be part of 'The Bone Yard' over the river.

Thanks to Audrey Bertorelli nee Robson for loaning me a lot of photos on this page, also her friend Marion Coyne for getting them to me..

Another Audrey Bertorelli photo. This one is the Bandstand in the 'Dene' 1951

Audrey's dad Charlie Robson receiving a medal from Louis Mountbatten's wife Edwina in the Ambulance Hall in the late 1940's.

Another 'smasher' from Audrey showing a rare glimpse of Hebburn 'A' Pit's 'Heapstead'.

Audrey's photo taken on Hebburn Station in 1936 long before WW2 broke out.

Audrey Bertorelli as a baby with dad Charlie Robson down 'The Colliery' in 1933. Actually that street between the Posters is Arthur St NOT Harvey St.

This lovely photo of Audrey Bertorelli (nee Robson) in the 40's in Hebburn Colliery. Don Scott tells me that is the Winding House not Lamp House.

Audrey Bertorelli's uncle, Walter Simpson, with young Audrey in Arthur St Backlane 1937.

Audrey & her friends in old Harvey St backlane 1936. Thanks to Audrey these photos can now give pleasure to many of us.

The Methodist Chapel in School St 1923. Another one from Audrey Bertorelli.