St Aloysius children who sang at Monica Dents wedding in 1975 with there Teacher Mr Cunningham

A group of St Aloysius men in 1982 with Fr Walsh the Parish Priest who now has a street named after him.

Dave Beckett's mother Belle, who was a barmaid at the old Labour Club in Argyle St .

Stan Newman's dad at the beach with Stans future wife beside the tent. 1949 photo

Old Mr Newman was a Foreman 'Moulder' at Irwins foundry next door to the Powerhouse. I had never heard of Irwins, so maybe some feedback would be good

Frank McNabola got me this photo taken by a good friend of his. Hebburn Ferry Landing can be seen. Thats the Royal Yacht 'Brittania' going upriver

Stan Newman who is on this photo kindly sent this to share. Taken in 1946 just after WW2.

Another Stan Newman photo & he's on this one aswell. Big lads for apprentices aren't they? Thanks Stan.

Mrs Gardiner who had a shop on the corner of William /Ellison St with daughter, grand daughter & great grand daughter in what looks like the 1950's.

HMS Manchester, tied up off Leslies after being built there in 1938. She was sunk in the Med protecting the Malta Convoys.

Dave Beckett sent this 1966 Glen St photo showing his niece Johanne. Remember the Milk Floats?

Monica Dent is 4th from rgt back row. St Josephs in the late 50's possibly early 60's.

Stan Newman sent this one of his mam & friends in the 1960's. Thats Mrs Newman 3rd along

A party of Hebburn folk going off to their twin town of Hautmont in France in the 1950s

My relative George Dent with young George, Gerard & Monica about 1950ish with the River Tyne behind them. This would have been taken at 'Tyne View'