Does anyone know anything about this school at either the Colliery or Quay Board schools ? Any relatives on it?

Bob Burns sent this one from Queensland, Australia, showing his relatives in Hebburn Park in the 1950's

Mike Lynch sent me this original photo of Aloysius 'Drum & Fife' band in the 1930's.Anyone recognise a relative?

Mary Stephens (nee Johnston) kindly sent this photo of Hebburn 'Girl's Training Corps' in Clegwell School 1944 when we were still at War .

Derek Johnson sent this one with his mother Ellen on it in 1917. There should be Hebburn girls on this being so close to Hebburn/Jarrow boundary.

Leslies footballers in 1966/7. Note how this lovely Sports Field was turned into a housing estate.Thats the 'High Rd' in distance.

Derek Johnson gave me this one of his mother Ellen (nee Toyn) at work in the London & Newcastle Tea Co, Jarrow during the late 20's early 30's..

Derek Johnson kindly gave me this Quay Board photo taken in 1913 showing his dad with his classmates. Recognise anyone?

Another one kindly sent to me from Stan Newman showing him & his mates in the Shipyard during WW2.

Stan sent this one of him and colleagues being 'trained' as 'dispatch riders' & 'messenger's' in 1943 during WW2. It was taken at Ministeracres.

Marion Coyne sent this 1920 photo in Peel Garden's lane. Baby Terence Sullivan died Dec 2003 aged 83. Note the poor housing people suffered then.

Eric Flack's wife Lilian in 1950's William St yard. The Flat opposite is Jarve Beckett's with my Dunn grandparents below them.