Davy Jardine kindly loaned this whole page of photos.Names I recognise are Bradford,Morton,Richardson, Winship,Blake,Elder,Winthrop,

Davy also loaned me this one of St Aloysius boys in 1948.

Another Clegwell boys photo from Davy taken about 1957-8

Class 4a Clegwell 1964. Recognise any relatives?

Davy loaned this one of Hebburn footballer's in 1934/5 Season. Who were they?

Young Hebburn footballers in 1951. Note 'Argyle' on ball

Hebburn footballers. No names no date.Recognise anyone?

Names include,Sanger,Craggs,J Walsh,P Walsh,Scullion,Abbot,

Clegwell athletes in 1963. Recognise anyone?

A St Aloysius class outside the old long gone pre-fab classrooms 1948-9.

A Clegwell boys photo taken mid to late 50's from Davy Jardine.

Mid to late 1950's Clegwell boys.