Davy Jardine gave me this one but which school & what year?

Mike Bambrough kindly sent this photo of the 'lads trip out in 1970. He is 3rd left & his older brother Pat 2nd rgt..


Jean Black donated this photo of her mam relaxing by the 'Second Lake' weith Ellison Hall in distance.Hebburn had 4 lakes like this.

Another from Jean Black showing how people entertained themselves by going on 'Trip's'. Hebburn folk at a 'Trip' in the 50's.

Dorothy Chapman sent me this 'Smasher' looking down Ellison St with St Cuthbert's Church all black due to the coal fires & Industry.Is it abt 1910?

Jean Black (nee Graves) sent this one of Hebburn footballers a long time ago. (date unknown).Thats her grandad Eddie Graves with the scarf.

Mike Bambrough photo of him & his mates having a drink in the Iona on Argyle St, then off to chat the girls up eh?

Jean Black (nee Graves) gave me this one of Hebburn Lakes after a drought in 1953. That's her uncle George Graves.

'Pelaw Main Staiths' still there today, but the Pub, Coal loading eqpt etc are long gone. See how busy the river was once?

Joe Black & son Derek. That's the '1st lake' to the left which had a 'Pump House'. To the right is the '2nd Lake' where the old Boathouse once

Another Mike Bambrough photo of the 1970 'Quay Club' trip out. Recognise anyone>

Jean Black's father in law Joe Black & kids 'At the Park'. That is the old 'Rocky Horse', but where's the 'Banana Slide' Jean?

Don Scott gave me this photo showing the WW1 Victory party in Arthur St down by 'The Colliery'. What an excellent photo from all those years ago