Ron French son of old Councillor French sent me this photo of Campbell Pk Rd. The 'Wooden Bridge' is in distance but cannot be seen unfortunately

Audrey Coltman photos I've 'stolen' off Mike Ellison's Hebburn Website. It shows a Carnival 'down the Colliery' in 1918

Don Scott allowed me to publish this photo of his showing Arthur St WW1 Victory party in 1919. Anyone still alive on this, will be in there 90's .

Don Scott photo of his wifes Brookes sisters (The little boy died soon after photo was taken). Finchale Rd estate was built along that lane in 50's.

Hebburn 'Infirmary' (Ellison Hall) in 1950 and kindly loaned by Ron French who lives in Wooler.

In the 1950's that was 'Rounthwaites' garage on left. Just past it is where they built the 'Rex' cinema. Another from Ron French.

'The High Road' in 1950 with the underground reservoir just in view on the right. Another Ron French photo.

Guy Hovey kindly sent me this one of Leslies 1919/20 footballers beside the 'Ballast Hill' with Lamport St houses running across & Hood St going up.

This is a Joan Moseley photo showing her Grandfather Mr Tuff in about 1920 sitting at the front of the 'Brake'

A 1950 Photo off a Palmer's Advert. They masked out everything except Palmers, but we can still see rows of houses & the 'Bede Metal' next door.

A 1950 view of Hebburn Park from Ron French. In those days the park was immaculate, no one walked on the grass, no vandalism or grafitti.

St Cuthberts in 1950. The church was cleaned up in the 60's/70's to reveal honey coloured sandstone beneith all that soot & grime.