Andy from Jarrow Website kindly sent me this photo. The old PO stood where that van is parked. This is an 1828 sketch of Hebburn 'A' Pit situated between Brancepeth Rd, Wagonway Rd & School St. The 'B' pit was adjacent to St Oswald's church area. Argyle St with Albert St to right. Council Offices, Clinic, Iona, Bewick St, Courts,Police Station all on right.THanks to Ron French again
Bet no one knew Hebburn had an 'Aviary' in the Park. No dates but possibly turn of the century as Victorians loved them. Ron French again! Clinic * Council offices on Argyle St BUT in 1940's not 1950 as on photo. Another one from Ron French. This Sketch is the 'C' Pit on land that later became Hawthorn Leslies steel stockyard & later still where 'Glenmoor' was built.
J & H Golf Club started in 1906 & in 1908 the Pavilion was built. Thanks to Patrick Brennan for info. After WW2, pavilion was moved to Heworth. Remember going for the train to Newcastle from that platform? This is a 1960 shot showing the Bitumastic factory, now long gone Mike Lynch sent this one of his mother & Catholic Women's league members 1950.
Mike Lynch's gran Annie Lynch in her backyard at 12 Bede Buildings in 1928. Wagonway Rd ran past this row of houses. Collins Lane had a community hall by this photograph from Mike Lynch. Can anyone remember it? Hebburn Colliery, around where Elison Street / Lyon Street area