Many thanks to Jim Johnson for this 1963 shot of Glen St with the Weslyan School on the left & the Methodist Chapel further along.

Another Jim Johnson photo from May 1963 on a quiet Sunday morning. Jim was born in Buchanan St & now lives in Poole, Dorset.

This is one we've seen previously, but this is a Jim Johnson original from 1963. That's Reyrolles at the far end of Tennant St.

Jim Johnson photo of the old Newtown School on Station Rd. My friend Ron French kindly obtained these photos for me from Jim.

St Oswald's Church in 1963 looking up Black Rd. Thanks to Jim Johnson again & friend Ron French for obtaining them for 'US'

An aerial photo looking across the Tyne towards dear old Hebburn in the early 60's.

Another Dave Martin photo. These are Hawthorn Leslies lads possibly early 60's (Duke of Edinburgh visit)

Hawthorn Leslies employees awaiting the Duke of Edinburgh. Dave Martin photo again. Any relatives on this?

Dave Martin photo at Leslies showing the workers & the Duke of Edinburgh. Early 60's?

Anyone see a relative that was in Leslies when the Duke visited? thanks to Dave Martin for photo

Ron French sent me this aerial view taken from above Bill Quay bridge showing Mill Cres, Hebburn Tech etc in the 60's

Photo taken from Hebburn Ferry Landing looking towards Leslies in 1959