Bishop Thorman & Fr Witty heading off in 1928 to bless the new Aloysius Infant School down near the bottom end of Argyle St

Nothing to do with Hebburn, but a lovely old photo of St James Park, Newcastle. I thought it was amazing to see all those beautiful old cars in 1930.

Hebburn Park in the 50's possibly 60's. Another photo from Ron French.

Kim Roberts with her dad Tom in the Park 1962. Remember the Banana slide & the old 'Rocky Horse'?

A St Joseph's class in 1971. Kim Roberts is on the right end of the front row (Her mam gave me this photo)

Kim Maria Roberts on the 'roundabout' in the Park abt 1964. Thanks to her mam for letting me publish the photos.

This is an original photo of 'Bedes Well' probably late 1890's early 1900's. This is another Ron French photo

Father Walsh with the children who made there 1st communions that day in 1965. Note 'White's' & 'Martin's Bank'

A Ron French photo of Hebburn Technical College in the early 1960's.

Dave Martin sent me this one of Palmers Dry Dock early 60's.

The big lad is Peter Edwards who was at school with me. Thats his mother & brother at the 'Pre-fabs' in Hebburn about 1954-6

Dave Martin sent this one of Leslies men during the Duke of Edinburgh's 1960's visit. Recognise anyone?