Doreen Harris loaned this 1912 photo of girls working in Leslies 'Tracing Office' working on ships drawings possibly destined for WW1 battles.

Doreen Harris also loaned this 1912 one of the staff in the 'Admiralty Drawing Office' working on WW1 Naval ship drawings

Doreen Harris kindly loaned me this photo taken during WW2 showing busy Hawthorn Leslies with the Ballast Hill as a backdrop

The 'Ark Royal' passing Hebburn after fitting out at the Naval Yard. Another photo donated by Doreen Harris

'A' St Andrews , 'B' Quay Board School, 'C' Ballast Hill, 'D' St Aloysius,'E' St Cuthberts,'F' Whites Marine,'G' C Pit yard, 'H' Leslies shipyard.

Doreen loaned this me this 1960's photo showing the old Ferry offices with Leslies car park & the old wall which is still there today (2004)

A good view of the Ballast Hill from this one loaned by Doreen Harris. Lamport, Hood, Ann Streets are still there on this photo

A 1960's photo taken in Leslies & sent to me by my old friend Frank McNabola

A Hawthorn Leslies launch photo taken in the 1950's & sent to me by an old Hebburn friend, Frank McNabola.

Frank McNabola sent me this one of Lord Mountbatten at Leslies not long before he was killed by the IRA. Lord Mountbatten loved Hebburn

Ray Forster kindly sent me two more photos his dad Stan took from St Andrews Steeple in 1973. Others taken from the steeple are on pages 27 & 77

Another brilliant Stan Forster photograph looking towards the 'Colliery'