Doreen Harris loaned all 12 photos on this page. This one shows 'Leslie's' canteen, with Lamport St & Ellison St junction

Doreen thinks this is a Hawthorn Leslies photo but it could be Swan Hunter Whigham Richardsons early 1900's.

Looking towards 'Leslie's' with the roof tops of Hood, Lamport, Ellison & Ann Streets.

HMS Kelly men played Leslies men at the Sports Ground. Mountbatten was in the team. HMS Kelly was torpedoed a few mths later.

Leslies Sportsfield in 1939. Stan Wears told me Evelyn & Margaret Peary lived in those houses in the 50s?

I think these were Quarry Houses. Stan Wears told me a man called Bill Towell kept his Cart & Horse in a Stable there.

Lord Mountbatten arrowed. When he stayed in Hebburn he stayed at 'The County' hotel now 'Martha's Vineyard'.

What a 'rare photo' this one is of Ann, Hood, Lamport & Ellison Streets taken from the old 'Ballast Hill'.

Another shot showing Leslies. Notice the Arch leading to the rear of Ellison & Hood streets.

It's not Hebburn BUT it's just as familiar to us isn't it?

The old Lifeboat at the bottom of Ocean Rd in 1946.

The 'Vistafjord' passing the 'Black' Staiths. Notice the 'Banks of the Tyne' Pub?

Hawthorn Leslies Yard Manager & his foreman Shipwright with the old 'bowler hat'. Thanks to Doreen Harris for this page of photographs.