Alyson Buglass photo showing St Oswald's boy scouts in 1937. Recognise anyone?

Another lovely old photo from Alyson Buglass showing the Colliery school kids. Look how poorly dressed they were in those days!

Alyson sent this photo showing Rev Cosserat among this group of people outside St Cuthbert's Church 1955/56

Les Gibson kindly sent this photo with him, his Merchant Navy friend & friend's wife in Ellison St 1965ish.

Alyson Buglass's dad Jimmy Haig in Wreigh St possibly 1959ish. Wreigh St was straight opposite Albert St, across Argyle St.

Lord Mountbatten playing bowls at Leslies in 1939 which is the year WW2 started.

Leslies versus HMS Kelly at Leslies Sports Field 1939. That must be the old Slag Heap on the horizon.

This photo was kindly sent by Andy ( Jarrow website)showing the bottom terrace of houses in Ellison St. Why were they demolished? what a shame.

Alyson Buglass's sister Beryl Haig performing at 'The Powerhouse' one of Hebburn's 'entertainment venues' in the old dances, panto's, films.

This is to show how even though people were poor, they could still drum up enough for a big wedding.This is NOT a triple wedding!

A Jean Black photo of the Pyro Xmas party, but When????? anyone know? surely Jean will know?

Les Gibson sent this 1960ish photo of Hebburn Station in the days of the electric trains, from the platform for Shields.