Ray Marshall the Editor of 'Remember When' has helped US by allowing me into his Archives to choose some old Hebburn photos

Palmers deep water berth being used for the first time in 1959 by the Liner 'Ocean Monarch'. A Chronicle photo

This photo from 1970 shows how large Reyrolles once was. Another photo from 'The Chronicle' archives

Another 'Chronicle' one from 1920 showing the Steam Ship 'Lapland' in the dry dock.

Ken Taylor loaned me this one from the late 40's early 50's showing the 'Naval Yard' from Harrison's in Bill Quay (His hometown)

Another Naval Yard photo from Ken Taylor

This shows the 'new' Coaling Staiths at Hebburn in 1934 which were straight down from 'The Royal Hotel'. Another 'Evening Chronicle' photo.

Another kindly loaned photo from the 'Evening Chronicle' taken just after 'Palmer's' closed around 1970ish

Palmer's Dry Dock in 1970. Is this where a number of Irish labourers were concreted in because it was too expensive to recover the bodies around 1897?

Remember the luxurious entrance to 'Palmer's' offices? Another Chronicle photo from around 1970.

A sad looking Reyrolles in 1986. Another Chronicle photo.

Not a lot of people knew that Reyrolles made vaccuum cleaners. I wonder who's house this was?