'The British Workman' off to Roker with a Colliery Sunday School excursion in 1919. (To Roker). Chronicle photo again.

A 1956 Chronicle photo taken at Hebburn lakes in 1956. I think the girl lived in Windermere Cres?

1981 Price St. Mrs J Tolson,E Hudson,C Robinson,L Patterson,B Lawther,E Carey & L Woods.

A Chronicle photo of the 1st Lake not long before all 4 lakes were drained

A 1950's Chronicle photo of 'The Cougars' skiffle group.Is that Alan Price 2nd left?

A lovely 1950 Chronicle photo looking downriver from Pelaw.

Hebburn's 'Newtown' School on Station Rd before it was demolished & turned into a 'Park'

A Soup Kitchen in Lyon St/William St back lane. Recognise an ancestor?

Alex Baker sent me this photo of his dad Alex Flowdy Baker with children Audrey, Elizabeth & friend Jean McIntosh

Alex sent this 1920 photo taken in the 'Royal Hotel' of Uncle Peter Bailey with who he thinks is Lily Murphy.

Alex sent this one of his aunt Lydia (nee Bailey) and mother Lily Elizabeth (nee Bailey) at Carrahars field 1945.Lydia is now 98 (In 2004)

This photo from the Chronicle archives shows a Pitman with the bomb that dropped onto the 'A'Pit heap from a Zeppelin 1st world war. Any relation?