Patricia the daughter of one of the Carrahar girls sent this photo from her mothers collection taken near 'The Granary' in 1938

One of the Carrahar girls in the family Vauxhall around the time WW2 started. Thanks again to Patricia for this photo.

Old Mr Carrahar in the 1930's with one of his men cleaning up bricks to be recycled. The Carrahars lived in Granary House.

A Chronicle archives photo of a boat being loaded with coal at the Staiths behind 'The White Lead'.

Another one of those Staiths from the Chronicle Archives. Thanks to Ray Marshall for ALL of the Chronicle photos on this website.

Another 'Staiths' photo from Ray Marshall. These staiths were just east of the Ellison Arms otel later to become 'Bank's of the Tyne'

Doreen Nicholson lived near 'The Granary' & sent this photo to Alex Baker, who passed it to me. It shows the 'A' Pit heapstead,Hostel,Ellison Arms et

Mr Carrahar outside Granary House in the 30's. The Granary belonged to Hebburn & Wallsend Collieries for hay/feed storage.

Carrahar girls outside there home just before war broke out. Thanks to Patricia again.

Josie Carrahar with brother family truck in the 1930's with the 'Granary' behind them.

One of the Carrahar children outside 'The Granary' a massive building not many Hebburn folk had heard of until recently

This photo came from a relative of Mr Roy who is on the photo. This is Hebburn Argyle football team in 1895-96.