A 1970's view of the 'Coke Oven's' looking south towards Sunderland. Thanks to Ray Marshall of 'The Evening Chronicle' archives.

Rob Hunnam kindly sent me this photo of his class from his days at St Aloysius in the 1960's.

Even though 'The Grange' school was over the border into Jarrow, quite a few Hebburn children went there, so why not include this old photo?

This Chronicle archive view shows a little bit of Hebburn across the Tyne in 1957. Note the old Ballast Hill. Thanks to Ray Marshall again.

An old family friend (Melvin Smith) kindly sent me this photo showing the north east corner of the second lake



Melvin also sent me this photo showing the old Ellison family boathouse.In the 1950s I remember just rotted timbers sticking out of the water.

Melvin Smith's third photo shows the Coronation party in Buchanan St in 1953. This was verified by Rhoda Ellis who lived in the street..

Another Ray Marshall archive photo showing Palmers Dock in 1969

A turn of the Century photograph of children outside the 'Park Gates' in Canning St. This photo is around 100yrs old

Swan Hunter's in 1969 showing part of the Ballast Hill across the Tyne. Another Ray Marshall archive photo.

A familiar view to a lot of Hebburn folk showing 'Simpson's Hostel' entrance.

An old photo taken in St Aloysius. In the 1950s there was a wooden pulpit on the right so the pic pre-dates that.