Pam Edmondson kindly loaned me this old photo showing the Police Station/Court/The Clinic on Argyle St before they were demolished.

Even though this is not Hebburn it is a very familiar view for lots of Hebburn people.The Haymarket area of Newcastle

Another view of the old Haymarket Cinema.

Inside Hebburn's old Infirmary which was given to the people by the Carr Ellison family & opened in 1898

Elizabeth Tindle (nee Baker) sent this photo from Australia to George Watt who passed it onto me.Can anyone recognise a relative?

A Gazette photo of HMS Nelson passing Hebburn 1920. Note the old Ballast Hill & the industry on Hebburn riverside .

George Johnson when he was at Nursery school on the junction of Prince Consort Rd/Argyle St next to the Bank.

Another Pam Edmondson photo and its thanks to Marion Coyne for her work 'touting' for photos among her friends.

Pam Edmondson photo again showing part of 'top Reyrolles' car park

Another one from Pam Edondson showing Reyrolles field

Alex Baker's sister Lydia kindly sent this photo for him to pass on to me.Can anyone see a relative from all those years ago?

Marion Coyne nee Syme gave this photo of her brother Charles ex St Aloysius (back right) in the TA with Hebburn pals