Rob Calderwood photo of Hebburn Cricket Team with his uncle Bob Scott who worked at Hebburn Colliery & lived in Wood St. Photo early to mid 1930's..

A Doreen Harris photo. Her husband was a Shipyard photographer stage with Stan Forster. I have no idea when it was taken, but it is definitely old.

Thanks again to Ray Marshall who does the 'Remember When' at the Evening Chronicle for this June 1928 photo of Bedes Well.

This one from Ray shows the rubbish strewn Bedes Well which was right at the edge of the Slag Heap in 1983.

Lydia Baker photo of the Central School netball team in 1953.Names are Y Cowan, L Baker, J Hadden,W Mulhern, J Wallace, M Lowry, I Olley

Alex Baker kindly sent all of these Central School photos on this page which were sent from sister Lydia.

Central school 'Netball Team' photo taken in 1959 in front of the 'Honours Board' & thanks to Alex & Lydia again.

Robert Calderwood kindly sent this photo of his class at Hebburn Colliery School in 1960.He apologises for not being able to remember the girls names.

George Johnson sent this photo taken in Jarrow Palmers in 1957 with two Hebburn workmates.

Another George Johnson photo with his two Hebburn pals in 1957.

Doreen Harris photo but where was it taken? Hebburn Park maybe?

An old photo taken in Leslies from doreen Harris. Notice the ship has riveted seams rather than welded, so it must be fairly old.

A Doreen Harris photo of Shipyard men. They must be managers/gaffers with the bowler hats, but is that a Captain of a ship on right?