The late David Cram took this page of photos (Page 94) & thanks to his son Barry we can benifit from his dad's foresight.

David Cram's photo of the allotments at the end of St Oswald's Rd with Christ Church steeple in distance.

Toner Avenue dinner ladies in about 1976. Can you see any relative?

St Cuthbert's Vicarage stood here from about 1874 until 1992. The air 'down the quay' was considered too smoky, so it was built 1 mile away.

This was the original entrance to the Vicarage situated close to the 'Golf Link's' . Witty & Cambridge Ave were built next to it years later.

David Cram photo of School St Methodist Chapel dating from 1843 built for the poor mining families. Another historic building no longer there.

A St Oswalds Xmas Party photo from around 1989 taken by David Cram. Miss Hugle is the teacher.

David Cram took this 1989 photo of what was left of the Staiths next to Carrahars Field, close to the 'Royal Hotel' (Dougies Tavern)

These Staiths are no longer, but with gas running out in the North Sea maybe coal will become King again? bearing in mind the UK sits on coal.

These black constructions hid conveyors carrying coal to the ships and can be seen years earlier on Page 86 ..

Remember Hewison's 'Paper Shop' on the corner of Lyon St/Ellison St? Well this 'Gallery' is next door to where Hewison's was. All now demolished.

Thanks to David Cram we now have a photo of the 'Rex' , built in the late 50's as a replacement for the 'Theatre' which burned down around 1950.