John Carr supplied me with the next three pages of photos he rescued from the rubbish Skip. That's Reg Parks 'Mr Universe' & a Film Star.

Taken in the Powerhouse 1950-51 with quite a lot of the members names thanks to Lilian Flack nee Beattie who is on the photo.

A 'Powerhouse' dance photo taken just before rock'n'roll hit Hebburn

Powerhouse photo. Names inc Dorothy Winch, Ann Wright,Margaret McDonald,Val Griffin,Linda Jenkinson,Jen Tilbrook

Powerhouse 'keep fit' girls. Are they demonstrating at Hebburn Park's Flower Show????

Powerhouse girls doing weight training in the 50's

'Hebburn' girls, but what were they doing & where were they?

The 'Powerhouse' girls in the 50's. We saw nothing this good when I was a member around 1959.

The lovely girl 2nd from left is Les Gibsons 'big sister' Joan who died about 1995.

Powerhouse girls showing how good the weight training was

Powerhouse artistes in the 50's, but can you recognise anyone? R Daglish is centre white shirt, Davy Olsen behind.Margaret Kelly 1st left front row.

The Powerhouse weight lifters.5th from left back row is Ken English.