Another rare page to thank John Carr for. When I approached him for these photos he was delighted to let us share them via this website.

Didn't they know how to enjoy themselves in the 'old days'?

The 'Powerhouse' did a lot of good for local folk.

What were these Hebburn girls doing? were they celebrating?

Powerhouse pantomime artistes sometime in the early 1950's I would guess.

Mr & Mrs Masson are on this photo. Maxie Walsh is holding the cards.

Jimmy Elley was an ex Aloysius lad & he became my Boss at RW Transmissions in the 60's. He started me there once he knew I was ex Aloysius (joking)

That's Joan Gibson again (first on right) who lived in Ellison St opposite St Andrew's Church.

Powerhouse girls doing there keep fit training to get away from us Hebburn lads. I didn't catch one so settled for a Jarrow lass.

Powerhouse staff & member's on an outing, but where?

The girls practising netball just outside the Powerhouse door.That's the Bitumastic over the lines that you can see in distance.

Powerhouse pantomime possibly in the 1950's. I wonder if that ended up as a 'boogie' for going down Ellison St on?