John Carr borrowed this photo for us showing a class of girls at the 'Colliery Board School' around 1933 to 1935

Eric Leader loaned this photo of Mr Barrow he thinks with his three sons George, Thomas & James around 1910. Barrow St was named after this man.

Enid Blades kindly sent this photo for restoration via George Watt then Lance Liddle. It shows the Newtown School kids (Group 1) between 1914-16.

Another Enid Blades Newtown School photo restored by George Watt & sent to me by Lance, this time showing a 1938 class of children.

Joan Leader nee Stannard loaned me this class photo showing her Mayfield School class mates about 1949. Mayfield was just over the border into Jarrow.

Jackie sent this one of her dad Harry Jackson b 1926 looking in wonderment at eggs on the table in wartime Hebburn.

An Enid Blades St Cuthbert's photo. Names l-r are Mrs Younson, Maureen Ellender,Doreen Oak,Mrs Hymers & mother Mrs Riches.

Janis Blower at the Shields Gazette kindly loaned me this photo of workers 'knocking off' in about 1970.Is it Palmer's or Leslies?

'Tea break in Reyrolles' showing Joan Stannard with Lottie & Vera. Joan, married name Leader loaned me this lovely old photo

Another Reyrolles photo showing Joan Stannard as a 16yr old in 'Holmes Dept' 1953

Eric Leader loaned this one of Simpson's Hospital staff posing behind the bar at a Xmas party between 1948-50.

Another 'Simpson's Hostel Xmas Party' photo from Eric Leader and probably the same year 1948-50