John & Molly Carr found more photos for this website inc this early Reyrolles photo plus others on this page.

Another old Reyrolles photo of Xmas long ago from John & Molly Carr. Can anyone recognise a relative?

Another John & Molly Carr photo of what we think is an Easter outing of the Argyle St Primitive Methodist folk around WW1 time.

Argyle St Primitive Methodist's off on a Easter picnic. The photo is pre 1918. Note the Bauxite offices to the left?

Wallsend Ferry landing in the very early 1900's showing what looks like Palmers or possibly Leslies across the river.

Patrick Brennan kindly sent me this photo of RC Priests at Fr Witty's golden Jubilee in 1945. Fr Witty was at Aloysius from 1905 until he died 1947.

A real old Cemetery photo.Who were those kids?

Anne Shaw (nee Burns) in Canada sent me this photo of Hebburn girls around 1944/46 & would love a response with more names.

Another photo of the girls from Anne Shaw. Anyone recognise a relative?

More girls from Anne Shaw who were in some kind of concert 1944-46. Anyone help?

Clegwell field with the 'concert' girls doing there stretches 60 yrs ago.

A photo of the long gone Coke Ovens in 1971.That straight line led to Monkton & onto the Tyne past the Slag Heap, Jarrow Park etc